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XCD Nutrition SynthaPro - Malibu-Sunset

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Product Overview


An active lifestyle requires a high protein diet.  Its like a whey powder concentrate.  Achieving the amount necessary to fuel muscle gain & maintain health often requires supplementation.

But not everyone can have dairy or even enjoys drinking milkshake style protein drinks every day.


That's why Synthapro is developed.


Synthapro is a complete protein derived from plant based free form amino acids. Levels of each amino acid have been adjusted to target cellular & metabolic functions to maximize

muscle growth & buffer muscle breakdown.


Instantized free form Amino Acids coupled with a ionic amino co-transport matrix in the form of coconut water electrolytes makes synthapro ultra fast absorbing & ideal for post

workout nutrition especially for low carb dieters.


Dairy Free, zero carb, zero fat, low calorie & incredibly delicious cocktail like flavor makes synthapro an obvious non-dairy protein alternative.




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review