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XCD Nutrition NYX - Sleep Formula

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Product Overview

The XCD Clinical Series is the highly potent premium formulated line of supplements.

Sleep is properly the most overlooked aspect of health and well being today.

With so much stimulus in our lives and unnatural blue spectrum light coming from device usage it’s no wonder we are losing quality sleep and need to utilize a sleep support supplement.

Good sleep is essential for stable brain function, ideal hormone levels, stress reduction & tissue recovery. 

 Key Points:

Assist in creating a regular and stable sleeping routine
Reduce body inflammation
Supports mental focus
Increases energy levels
Improves alertness
In the current world, when people are dedicated to their life, resting time and sleep have been relegated to the sideline and the interest of sleep has been lost in order to continue working 
and achieving goals or life commitments. Sleep is very important for the body, because in these moments the body repairs damaged tissue, resets hormones, improves memory, reduces body inflammation, improving the immune
system and recovering the bodies energy levels ready to tackle another day. That is why the fact of sleep is fundamental for health and well being both mental and physical. There are documented cases in which people who have a regular and stable sleep routine, can suddenly struggle to sleep and feel restless. These sleeping problems can be associated with
decreasing of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. The root of the sleeping problems could be related to stress, midnight jobs, blue light exposure from TV, computer or too much device
usage or time zone changes from a holiday or work travel. The decrease of melatonin and the lack of sleep will cause fatigue in the day, forgetfulness, depression, decrease in energy and greater susceptibility to colds or diseases. Although, these sleeping issues can be solved in some cases without major problems, there are people who need sleep supplements to recover the loss of melatonin or to calm the body, and
finally sleep.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review