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Southland Performance - Revamp

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Product Overview

Southland Performance - Revamp


REVAMP was formulated specifically to help reinvigorate your body to the effects of caffeine and other stimulants. Whether you are unable to function without your morning cup of coffee, simply looking to cut back your intake or trying to regain that “get up and go” that you used to get from your favorite “pick me up”, REVAMP is your solution. The ingredients in REVAMP help to restore healthy adrenal function and reverse the effects of stress and stimulant overload, so you can enjoy natural energy and a more peaceful sleep.

Energy supplementation has become a common part of our daily routine so we can keep up with the demands of school, work or life in general. With the excessive use of energy shots, pills, drinks, etc., it is very important to realize the damage these types of products can have on your body, more specifically your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are responsible for several functions that include production of hormones that monitor blood sugar and energy production, the “fight or flight” or stress response and helping you to enjoy restful sleep. To put it mildly, over taxation of your adrenals can cause serious problems with how you function.

Over time as our dependence on things such as coffee, pre-workout powders and energy drinks grow, our bodies need more and more stimulation as our tolerance increases. Have you noticed that you need 3 or 4 cups of coffee in the morning to get your day started when all you used to need was one cup? Or have you noticed that your favorite pre-workout formula now requires double or triple the dose to get you all jacked up for the gym? Neither the coffee nor the pre-workout formulas are less effective...your body has just built up a tolerance to them. Enter REVAMP.


• Reduces Tolerance to Caffeine and Other Stimulants
• Cleanses the Adrenergic Receptors
• Alleviates Dependence on Stimulants
•Improves Stress Response
• Helps to Restore Healthy Adrenal Function
•Overall Improved Metabolic Function
•More Restful Sleep



(No reviews yet) Write a Review