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Premium Powders Vitamin D 1000 IU

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Product Overview

Most people get Vitamin D from sunlight but in modern society the number of hours spent outside in the sun has decreased significantly as more and more jobs require us to be indoors 
for the majority of the day. If you are not getting enough sunlight, suffer from milk allergies or adhere to a strict vegan diet, you may likely be at risk for Vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms
of Vitamin D Deficiency can include bone pain and muscle weakness. Even without these symptoms you may have a Vitamin D deficiency which can leave you at risk of death from
cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, asthma, and cancer(3). Premium Powders Vitamin D is an extra strength formula providing 250% of the recommended daily value, ensuring your body is obtaining a healthy amount of this necessary vitamin.
Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, healthy immune system functions and can help to reduce inflammation in muscle tissue. Vitamin D has been used for conditions of the heart,
including high blood pressure and high cholesterol(1). Vitamin D has also been used for boosting the immune system which can aid in preventing autoimmune diseases and a preventive
measure against cancer(2). Vitamin D may also be effective in fighting diabetes, obesity, and muscle weakness. Anyone considering a vegan diet or following a vegan diet should consider supplementing with Vitamin D. What you may not know about a vegan diet is that most sources of Vitamin D
other than sunlight are animal-based. Without foods such as fish, egg yolks, cheese, and beef, in your regular diet, supplementing with Vitamin D may be your best source.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review