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Olimp Sports Nutrition Gold Beef Pro Mega

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MSRP: $94.66
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Now: $66.99
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Product Overview

Olimp Labs 
Mega-Clean, Mega-Fast Protein on the Go! Beef is a bodybuilding protein for the ages. Now you can use it to give you a building boost anywhere, in just seconds, with Gold Beef Pro. 
Because it’s hydrolyzed, Gold Beef Pro requires less digestion and can be absorbed faster than intact protein. And like the rest of our Mega Tabs proteins, Gold Beef Pro is complete
with amino acids needed to support the building and preservation of healthy muscle and non-muscle tissues. The bottom line is that you get everything you want in a protein, and
nothing you don’t.
3X more Arginine, 2.5X more Proline, 2X more Alanine and 13X more Glycine than whey! - Arginine promotes protein synthesis. - Proline intensifies daily lean weight gain. - Alanine supplies energy and may reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue. - Glycine reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality. Get the most out of your protein!!!



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review