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Olimp Labs BCAA Xplode - Iced Tea

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Product Overview

1. BCAA Xplode – a huge dose of amino acids!
Olimp BCAA presents as the brands flagship products. Dietary supplement BCAA Xplode reviewed is a product containing a high dose of essential exogenous amino acids (BCAA), enriched with optimal doses of L-glutamine, minerals and vitamin B6. It was created in technologically advanced laboratories of Olimp under the eye of experts, from thoroughly tested raw materials. That is why BCAA Xplode is a product of high quality in both its formula and effectiveness, providing your body with additional support during intensive workouts. Discover the power and potential of this supplement, as well number of advantages of taking this product systematically.

2. What will you find in BCAA Xplode?
The Top Best BCAA Xplode reviewed consists of a high and concentrated dose of three extremely important amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are essential important amino acids in a diet of every human being and their exogenous qualities require supplementation from external sources (the human body is unable to produce it itself). Despite their presence in food, a much better solution is to use supplements such as BCAA Xplode, which provide an organism with a high dose of fast absorbing amino acids.
What is more, BCAA Xplode was enriched with valuable ingredients. First of all, an optimal dose of L-glutamine, which together with BCAA creates a blend of essential amino acids for the diet and muscles of each active person. Other ingredients are vitamin B6 and valuable minerals (sodium and calcium), which enhance the positive effects of taking this supplement.

3. Focus on real effects! How does Olimp BCAA Xplode work?
The top best bcaa dietary supplement BCAA Xplode reviewed is a product aimed at supplementing our daily nutrition with a necessary dose of amino acids that are essential for the synthesis of new protein molecules. Providing the body with an appropriate amount of BCAA significantly facilitates the work on a lean, athletic body. It also improves our fitness condition and training results. Enriching the product with L-glutamine, minerals and vitamin B6 intensifies the effects after taking the supplement.
What can you expect if you choose to take BCAA Xplode?  BCAA cointains important amino acids.
Building lean muscle mass easier
Faster recovery
Getting rid of metabolic waste more effectively
Reducing fatigue by increasing endurance and improving concentration
A quick and convenient way to provide your diet with the necessary dose of the most important amino acids.

4. Extremely delicious amino acids!  Olimp BCAA Xplode flavors
The top best dietary supplement BCAA Xplode is a supplement in a form of powder. After dissolving in water, you get an extremely delicious and refreshing drink. High quality of this product is proven by long-standing experience of the Olimp company in the production of supplements for active people. Multiple analyzes of the raw materials used, innovative laboratory technology and expert knowledge of the company’s specialists, guarantee ingredients which match the label and will help to get real effects. BCAA is a supplement.  Decide for yourself how your new ally on the way to your dream body will taste like.  BCAA contains important amino acids.
Iced tea
Pineapple mango
Tropical punch

5. How to use BCAA Xplode?
BCAA is a supplement recommended for daily use, both on workout and rest days. The manufacturer of the supplement, the Olimp company, recommends taking 1 to 2 servings a day. The product can be used before meals, before and after workout or before bed. Add each serving of BCAA Xplode to 200 ml of water and consume immediately after preparation. You can take BCAA Explode together with protein supplements (e.g Whey Protein Complex) and advanced pre-workout formulas (e.g Knockout).





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