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Muscle Research Keto Salt - Natural Orange

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Product Overview

Thinking of going ketogenic? You’ll need extra salt.  Buy Keto Salt!

As you can see from the research above, low carbohydrate diets can result in low blood sodium levels, even when sodium consumption is considered normal. Due to a corresponding

drop in insulin levels, reducing carbohydrates to the levels prescribed by the ketogenic diet can result in fatigue or lightheadedness due to the high loss of sodium.


To counteract this, you will need to incorporate extra sodium into your diet. Many ketogenic diet experts argue that adherents should seek to consume two to four grams 

(2000-4000 mg) of sodium per day. Consider that the recommended daily amount (RDA) of sodium is 2300 mg for normal diets.


This can be accomplished by adding extra salt to food, either by salting manually or incorporating products such as salted butter or bullion. Many keto-fans add Himalayan salt to their meals.

Additionally, bacon – usually a staple of ketogenic breakfasts – contains high levels of sodium.


In addition to, or as an alternative to the above food sources of sodium,  consider adding two to three Muscle Research Keto Salt to your daily nutrition routine. Each capsule

delivers 215 mg of sodium, along with other key electrolytes, that can assist with your overall nutrition goals, and keep you feeling great.


Also, if you are going low carb and you plan on working out in the heat, you will need to be extra conscious of replacing lost sodium. Our Usage Guides, which can be found here, explain how

to incorporate Muscle Research Keto Salt products into your specific training and racing routine.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review