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Muscle Research Eupepsia Enzyme and Probiotic Blend V2.0

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Product Overview

Muscle Research Eupepsia Enzyme and Probiotic Blend V2.0

Eupepsia is an advanced formula that combines the benefits of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics into one product. This multi-level dual action formula is specifically designed for serious athletes, weight lifters, and body builders with high protein diets. Eupepsia not only has a full spectrum of Digestive Enzymes but also includes Lactobacillus Acidophilus, one of the most effective Probiotics available today. When it comes to Probiotic products and their effectiveness delivery is paramount. Our first mode of delivery starts with the capsule. The Vegetarian safe capsules containing our Enzyme/Probiotic Blend are a new and specially designed Delayed Release and Acid Resistant capsule delivery system. This ensures the release of the Enzyme/Probiotic Blend into the intestines where it is most beneficial. Other Probiotic products fail in delivery methods and tend to release inside of the stomach where the ingredients are rendered ineffective and completely destroyed.


To properly ensure the effectiveness of our Enzyme and Probiotic ingredients a cold environment must be maintained. Muscle Research has invested in proper storage and delivery of this product to make sure that you have the very best and effective available Probiotic in your hands. We store this product in a commercial grade refrigeration unit until needed for shipping. Once your order is received it is handpicked from the cold unit and placed directly into a cold storage package where it is then shipped Express Mail to you at no additional charge. Our delivery process starts with the Delayed Release capsule, continues with proper storage, shipping and handling of the product, and the end results with you having the most effective Probiotic available.


Body builders, weight lifters, and serious athletes know that success begins with diet. They also have larger diets than the average person; ingesting tons of carbs, proteins, vegetables, fats, and dairy. These immense diets can put strain on the digestive system, leaving some things under digested. This can cause the buildup of bacteria leading to indigestion, abdominal cramps, gas, overgrowth of Candida (a yeast fungus), and bloating. We have designed a winning combination of Digestive Enzymes with a powerful Probiotic that will meet the needs of these large diets. The included enzymes can also help protect and quickly heal athletes from common injuries such as muscle tears, sprains, and even minor fractures. When promoting a healthy efficient digestive system as well as gastric wellness we all deserve the highest quality product available and Muscle Research is proud to provide the most superior formula and delivery system on the market today.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review