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G Code Nutrition GCode VICE TriChamber: The OG (Grape, Cherry, Lime)

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Product Overview

The three original soda-inspired flavors of VICE, retooled and reloaded, juiced up with an extra 25mg of caffeine per scoop. Housed in their own separate compartments in a 
single, revolutionary patent-pending orange and white GCode container that is truly a work of art and engineering. Grindin’ Grape, Legend Lime and Cherry Swola. 45 powerful,
effective and absolutely mouth watering scoops per TriChamber. The future is now.

We built VICE with pride and independence for those who refuse to settle for good enough–from themselves or from their lives. Just like us. Because, after all, VICE only exists
because we willed in into fruition. In that way, there’s so much more than mere nutritional supplements in every container of VICE. Passion and pain. Resistance and resilience.
Virtue and vision. Experience the ambition of VICE for yourself, and come to understand how it is very much unlike every other preworkout in the world.  One of the best tasting
preworkouts out there!
Containing a fully transparent formula of only proven performance actives, mega-dosed B Vitamins, focus factors, clean energy substrates and natural elements to enhance pumps
and blood flow to the working muscle, in absolutely incredible flavors, VICE stands out as a trailblazing original in an often stale and redundant industry. Join the movement. Get
VICE in Your Veins. Crush your workout while having the best tasting preworkout out there!




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review