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Divided Labs Previde XP - Tropical Twist

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Product Overview

Benefits of using Previde XP

  • Maximize strength and power
  • Increase muscle volumization
  • Improve workout endurance
  • Enhance mental focus
  • Explosive energy
  • Fully-dosed premium ingredients
  • No artificial colors or dyes

Explosive Performance to Elevate Your Training

Previde XP is a potent pre-workout you must experience to believe. Designed for serious athletes, Previde XP can improve workouts and elevate your performance. Each serving provides you with the ability to increase strength and power, improve blood flow, enhance mental focus, and deliver explosive energy without any subsequent crash.

From the very first serving, you will feel the power and explosive performance behind the precise formula found in Previde XP. Using efficacious dosages of highly-effective ingredients, you can to get the most from your training sessions to help you reach your goals.

The Patented Technology Behind Previde XP

The patented ingredients found in Previde XP have been scientifically proven to help take your training to levels beyond limitation. Never again should you walk into a workout feeling unenergized and unmotivated. With the help of Previde XP, you can be your absolute best every time you train. Below is a list of some powerful patented ingredients found in Previde XP along with their performance-enhancing benefits.

PEAK ATP® - One of the most exciting and influential ingredients on the market today. PEAK ATP® has the ability to help increase strength, power, lean body mass, and blood flow. This revolutionizing set of benefits can totally transform your training and physique. By fueling your workouts, PEAK ATP® has the potential to add quality lean muscle mass faster than imaginable.

Hydromax® - When it comes to cellular and muscular fullness, nothing beats Hydromax®. Through the use of Hydromax®, you can experience increased vascularity and blood flow which gives muscles a fuller appearance while also providing improved endurance for long-lasting performance. Feel skin-tightening pumps not only during your training session but also throughout the day following your workout. Hydromax® is easily absorbed and shuttled out to the muscles to help enhance new muscle growth and recovery for improved exercise efficiency.

TeaCrine® - Get dialed in and energized both physically and mentally from the very first dose without jitters, irritability, or habituation that is commonly associated with similar ingredients. TeaCrine® can heighten mental focus and mood to provide you with a mind-muscle connection that can allow you to reach those deep muscle fibers to enhance your muscle-building capabilities. Additionally, TeaCrine® has the ability to increase energy production to decrease fatigue which may allow you to train harder and longer.

Dominate your workouts with Divided Labs Previde XP!

Previde XP includes a full serving of  
Increases Total Strength by 147%
Increases Power by 30%
Increases Lean Body Mass by 100%
Improves Blood Flow Up to 54%
Boosts Muscular Excitability
Reduces Muscular Fatigue


(No reviews yet) Write a Review