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What Is DMHA stimulant found in your supplements?

20th May 2020

What Is DMHA stimulant found in your supplements?

What Is DMHA?

It's originally used as a decongestant, or at least medically. DMHA is very similar to DMAA.  It can help boost efficiency in supplements, and increase weight loss. But, you may not see "DMHA" on your favorite pre-workout sticker or fat burner. It has a Lot of different names but here is a short list of the common names:

  • 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine
  • 1,5-DMHA
  • 2-amino-5-methylheptane
  • 2-amino-6-methylheptane
  • 2-aminoisoheptane
  • 2-Heptylamine, 6-methyl-
  • 2-Isooctyl amine
  • 2-Metil-6-amino-eptano
  • 6-Amino-2-methylheptane
  • Amidrine
  • Octodrine
  • Vaporpac


This ingredient may originate from nature or may be made synthetically. Companies are usually more likely to do it synthetically, as this is the cheaper form. Still, it's from the tree at Juglans Regia.

Is DMHA Legal?

Short response: Yes, as of today.

Detailed reply: Yes, but that is complicated. The US FDA issued warning letters to manufacturers in April 2019 in order to eliminate DMHA from their products. This was due to companies not submitting a Notification of New Dietary Ingredients (NDIN), which is required for all new dietary ingredients. Or if DMHA was an additive to unhealthy foods. 

But here is the matter-

It is not new to DMHA. This is a component of walnuts, even before any FDA Legislation was around. And this is not a situation which is severe enough to prohibit the ingredient. Still, what is "unsafe" about it?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, along with other firms, have been supplying products with DMHA for 2(+) years now. And no significant issues when taken directly from the customers.

Then let's not mention it's medicinal use as a decongestant, implemented in the 1950s. (4) So we can't really ban it either for that reason. And don't worry if you've grown up to enjoy DMHA as much as we do, Hi-Tech has been battling the FDA for that. And keep fighting for DMAA.

Who is Sporting About?

It's awesome to be legal in the US, and all, but what are the chances of a false positive on a drug test?

May it be. We can't or can not guarantee it will. Generally speaking, if this is your concern, we 'd advise you to stray away from risky products. Not just those which contain DMHA.

Yet we also have a comment from the U.S. on this matter. Anti-doping prevention agency:

“Categorized as a stimulant under the World Anti-Doping Prohibited List, octodrine is prohibited in-competition. Because clearances times depend on many individual factors, USADA cannot advise athletes on when they should discontinue using a substance to ensure that it has completely “washed out” from their body. Octodrine is not included in FDA-approved medications for any medical condition, so USADA would not grant a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for a product containing the substance.”

Zeus Preworkout by God Status Labz


DMAA contains two methyl groups located on either side directly beside the NH2 group. This makes MOA blocking and increasing potency very effective.

Compare DMAA 's structure with DMHA 's structure and you'll understand why DMHA is said to have the power of DMAA about 70-80 percent.

The overall view on DMHA to DMAA is that it has a lot of focus elements but in the energy department it comes a little short. However the good news is that the DMHA crash is reported to be as smoother. Allowing customers to keep enjoying a good day long after the stimulant's worn off.

DMHA vs Ephedrine

So, the thing about ephedrine is that it hasn't been available for long in the US for use in dietary supplements. However it is not illegal! Ephedrine, much like DMHA, is used in medicine. It's actually a decongestant to the nasal as well. It is one of four active components of Ephedra plant. Now supplements use only ephedra and remove alkaloids from the ephedrine. But ephedrine back in the day was very popular for stacks of ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin). (6) And nowadays it is very common for fat burners to mimic this stack with ephedra.

In addition, it is structurally similar not only to DMHA and DMAA but also to Amphetamine.

But what do humans think?

It is, to say the least, varied. Many people believe that DMHA is more like DMAA than ephedrine and others say the opposite. The clear thing is they are linked, that is why they share a role even in medicine.