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It's the perfect time of year to take on those weight loss goals! Do so safely and naturally with CBD Essence!

12th Sep 2019

It's the perfect time of year to take on those weight loss goals! Do so safely and naturally with CBD Essence!

With obesity being at an all-time high and many being overweight, people are always on the lookout for any help they can get. Now, CBD has joined the fight against obesity, and the results look promising.

CBD may, in fact, aid weight loss and we recommend CBD oils from My Natural CBD, Wild Things CBD Oil, and Niva CBD.

CBD Weight Loss: The Highlights

CBD oil may, in fact, help you to lose weight. A 2017 review of scientific literature regarding CBD found that weight loss was a common side effect when it was used to treat seizures in people and reduced food intake and weight gain in rats.

Unlike most weight loss supplements on the market, CBD is safe to use with few to no side effects and none of the side effects are harmful.

Despite the fact that comes from the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects

There are numerous other health benefits, such as helping to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, better sleep, stable blood sugar levels,

Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is superior to CBD isolate as it contains a wider array of compounds to which our endocannabinoid system responds to. This increases efficacy.

What is CBD?

CBD Weight Loss

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. As mentioned, CBD is not psychoactive meaning it doesn’t make you high. THC is the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive effects.

Some CBD products do contain a mix of CBD and THC, but there are plenty available that contain hardly any THC at all.

When CBD is derived from hemp plants it generally has a THC level of 0.03 or less. Cannabis plants grown specifically to have a high CBD to THC ratio are called hemp, whereas plants with more THC can be classified as marijuana.

Full-spectrum hemp contains a wider array of the CBD compounds. CBD isolate is still incredibly beneficial, but when you take full-spectrum CBD or whole plant CBD, it’s far more potent. You get CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBCA in addition to CBD all of which is accepted and used to the benefit of your body.

Benefits include:
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Pain-relief
  • Relief for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Lower inflammation levels
  • Healthier cholesterol levels
  • Healthy blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Possible relief from seizures
  • Weight loss, depending on how your body reacts to CBD

Be aware that although hemp oil is healthy, it often doesn’t contain much CBD at all. If you want the above-mentioned benefits, you need to make sure that it contains CBD.