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Antaeus Labs Ultra Test Reviews

6th Nov 2019

Antaeus Labs Ultra Test Reviews


Q: How old do I have to be to use Ultratest? 

The product is intended for men over 30 years of age, and for younger men who have reached full maturity and nevertheless have low testosterone levels. We’d prefer Ultratest not be used by anyone under 18. 

Q: Is there any way Ultratest could cause gyno? 

No. Estrogen levels will drop with use, and there’s little progesteronic effect. 

Q: Should I stack Ultratest with anything? 

If your goal is to gain muscle, TITAN works very well alongside Ultratest, and the Shilajit in TITAN may even augment Ultratest’s effects. If you’re looking to lose fat, or just want more energy, chase your dose of Ultratest with a preworkout drink before heading to the gym. One note with respect to diet: You may want to increase your cholesterol consumption to kick-start the process of testosterone biosynthesis. 

Q: Will Ultratest cause me to fail a drug test? 

At present, as of September 2018, there are no substances in Ultratest which are banned by WADA or USADA. As phytol and geranylgeraniol are ubiquitous natural substances, it’s exceedingly unlikely that they’ll ever be banned. With that said, it is nevertheless recommended that you consult with your athletic organization before use. 

Q: How long will one bottle last? What are the serving sizes? 

At the recommended dosing — 1ml once a day — one bottle lasts one month. Each 1ml serving contains nearly 100mg of geranylgeraniol, over 50mg phytol, and over 200mg of an ultra-high-potency liquid Tongkat Ali extract. 

Q: Is this a pill, a spray, or a liquid? If the latter, what does it taste like? 

Ultratest is a liquid that’s to be taken orally. As far as the flavor goes, it’s essentially tasteless and can be mixed with ease into milk-based beverages without spoiling their flavor — in fact, we even find that it can make them taste better! 

Q: What results can I expect to see I’m eating right and training hard? 

Most can expect increased energy at the gym and in daily life. Users who had previously suffered from low testosterone can also expect to notice a body-recompositioning effect. 

Q: How will Ultratest affect my libido? 

Most users will notice an increase in libido.

Q: How many times a day do I take it? 

Once per day, though some users may prefer to take two doses per day. Q: Is there a certain time of day I should take Ultratest? We believe that there are two logical times to take the product: 

1)  About forty minutes pre-workout, with use at roughly the same time of day on non-workout days. 

2)  Before bed, as testosterone is secreted during sleep. In any case, if twice-a-day dosing is used, then the times should be about 12 hours apart, give or take a few hours.

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